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I am a concerned constituent and a registered voter who has been a close witness to vulnerable populations in a community mental health organization. I understand that fiscal times are tough, which means hard decisions must be made. Every day seems to bring a new proposal to cut or freeze spending on programs that help support the addictions and mental health safety net. Fully funding mental health and the substance abuse division is not only the right thing to do for vulnerable individuals in need; it also saves money by preventing costly hospitalizations, incarcerations, and other adverse outcomes. I urge you to oppose budget cuts to these areas. We need the support of our leaders now more than ever to break the cycle of addiction and strengthen our families. Please do not cut the budget for substance abuse services.


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Make sure your state leaders read the blueprint that will save lives!

The Blueprint for the States can save lives. This report is a blueprint of how to build more effective prevention, treatment, and criminal justice policies.

Give your leaders the tools they need to save lives from drug and alcohol problems. Tell them to read – and hold hearings on – the Blueprint's recommendations.

Your state legislators and governor won't have the money or time to deliver the campaign promises they made if our state continues to waste so much money on ineffective drug and alcohol policies.



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